At Goode Fence, we are experts in satisfying your temporary fence needs.  And, while other rental companies have one grade of temporary fence, we will work with you to place the fence on site to best suit your needs and the needs of project owners and event producers.  Whether, you need our exclusive HOSPITAL GRADE option or turn-key advice and products to secure concert sites, Goode Fence can secure your site in a hurry with just the temporary fence you need at competitive prices!  

Call us today for a free estimate:  877-727-1650 

Construction Fence
Construction fence is available in panels - typically for setting on pavement -or driven posts where the fence will be in soil.  

Our exclusive HOSPITAL GRADE option is built like a permanent fence with top rail and set terminal posts.  Additionally, this option includes new or like new material to make owners happy.  

We offer free estimates, will perform utility locates and install and strike the fence to your schedule.  We also offer windscreen in various colors to satisfy owners and government requirements for security, privacy and dust control. 

Event Fence, Concert Fence and Barricades
We are the pros at concerts and events.  We are knowledgeable of the special needs required of site security, emergency access and egress, production load-in and out and backstage areas.  

We get-in, get done and get out so the event can go on without a hitch!

We work with producers from the early stages of planning on through the end of the event.  And, we will keep crews on-hand until the final layout is done.  We handle changes with ease and will work overnight and weekend hours to make your event a success.

Emergency Site Security
Emergencies happen and we are ready and willing to do our part to mitigate damage, access and vandalism following a fire, flood or wind event that has caused damage.  We work with insurance companies and restoration companies throughout South Carolina to secure sites any time of the day or night.

When you choose Goode Fence, you can be confident you are working with a fully licensed and insured business!

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